Hi! I’m Tiffany or as my friends like to call me, Tiff!

I am a 30 year old full-time pet service Business Owner who likes to ‘check-out’ for a recharge where I can, exploring other countries and cultures around the world! I have a fascination in learning new ways, experiencing beautiful places, meeting locals, including many furry critters, indulging in ethnic foods, and just taking on new experiences with my travel-loving husband, John, who really introduced me to the ‘outside world’ after meeting 11 years ago!

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, from a little town called Puyallup, WA and moved to Las Vegas to graduate from the Hotel College at UNLV in 2011. I was a Presidential Ambassador, working all the student avenues as the President of various clubs, editing Professor’s papers, mentoring business students, etc – a TOTAL nerd if you will… Who had very little time for any sort of exploration fun. Before I knew it, shortly after graduating, I found myself on the streets of Thailand on my Honeymoon rescuing and rehabilitating two super sweet sister street dogs which became a whole emotional rescue mission of getting them back to the states, living healthy, together, furever… This trip alone flipped my world upside down for the better… I realized my truer passion of helping dogs in need. I gave up my job in the hospitality field and dove into promoting awareness for rescue dogs available for adoption, re-homing 55+ dogs from abroad and locally in need, while fostering, running supply drives for local and overseas rescues, and hosting fundraising events for various rescue organizations both locally & globally. This led to much more needed exploration of South East Asia to help more dogs in need of a new beginning. We ventured out there about every 6 months for quite some time. Realizing I needed a career with dogs since they are my world, I began my pet service venture – yes, I’m THAT crazy dog lady! I was then approached to be the “Precious Pets” journalist for our local community magazine, Life at the Points. After expanding rather quickly, we established my current small family business, DOGWORXX… 

In learning so many amazing things in Southeast Asia, my heart grew incredibly fond of seeing what else was out there… I really began living for the journey and all that it encompassed, fur ball’s & all! As we continue our travels, I spend hours upon hours researching good variety for our stays, but I’m always on the hunt for the nitty-gritty, like blogger’s, please break it down for me so I REALLY know what to expect! So many trips I’ve been on and have said, “No one mentioned that!” Surprise, surprise! Well, I’m here to divulge it all! I’m frequently asked for my travel itineraries which always seem to go off without a hitch – mixed with fun, heartwarming, authentic and adventurous experiences to be had! So here I am, here to share about our exploration’s to hopefully help friends, family and other like-minded travel guru’s out there when it comes to planning your next vacation! We love to incorporate variety into every place we visit! We look forward to making friends with locals or other visitors abroad and it makes it hard to leave, but it’s so nice having so many wonderful connections all over the world! Every time we return home, even on our flight home, we’re constantly craving the next adventure! I hope this blog helps to direct you to where you want to be on your next stop on the globe without too many surprises!

I also have a big love for my two pups, Maltipoo – Toby and Morkie – Chloe + husband, John, of 7 years! I enjoy fine wines & foo-foo cocktails, indulging in both seafood and plant-based food’s, sunshine, shopping, getting dressed up like a girl here & there since I feel less than impressive looking running a doggie daycare with around 30 scoobies a day & family time!

Happy travels! Hope to meet you somewhere on one of our amazing journey’s! And if not, I hope you keep LIVING, enjoying alllll that this beautiful world has to offer, one country at a time!